Tropical Mango Cocktail

The taste of nature’s goodness filled with rich mango flavor to indulge in the magic of the rainforest.


Mango lovers will find another way to enjoy their favorite fruit through this sparkling cocktail. This mango cocktail is blended with other fruits for a tropical experience full of taste and freshness.


Water- Gas: Carbon Dioxide -Sugar, Apple Juice from Concentrate, Mango juice from concentrate Acid: Citric Acid E 330- Flavoring: Natural Mango Flavor – stabilizers: gum Arabic E414, glycerol esters of wood rosins E 445 – Preservatives; Sodium Benzoate E 211 , Potassium Sorbate E 202-Antioxidant:Ascorbic Acid E300-FOOD Geade Color:E160a – Fruit Content 10%.

Nutritional Facts:


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